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Your Data:
Your Rights

We respect your right to have your information removed from our records at any time. If you have subscribed to our email or interest lists, you may also withdraw this consent at any time. If you are an active subscriber however, it is necessary that we hold certain information in order to process your transactions for the duration of your subscription with us.

In addition to acknowledging your right to change, amend or remove your information from us, we also recognise your right to complain to a higher  authority if you feel we are handling your information unfairly or in breach of your rights and we have not resolved the issue once you have contacted us  about this.

We provide individuals with privacy information at the time we collect any personal data from them. We do this by ensuring our Privacy Policy is accessible by providing links on both our website and directly through emails.  We do not obtain personal data from a source other than the individual  offering it and we do not share it with third parties except to perform business tasks specifically banking transactions when a purchase has been made.

Why We Hold Information

We are legally obliged to hold certain information so that we can serve our visitors and users through our agreements. This means we hold information  that will allow us to process, bill and communicate with our users on a regular basis.

By doing this we fulfil our services to them. We also hold email details of individuals who contact us or log into our web space to be able to respond to their queries, fulfil agreements we have made with them and to  communicate with them about events and news.

If you are our subscriber, we may need to hold this information to answer your queries, but if you are not a subscriber and/or wish to unsubscribe to emails, please contact us and we will respect your request at any time. Additionally we  welcome any request to have information we hold amended. Please just get in touch with us at any time about this.

The Type of Information We Hold

We will only ever hold information about you that you have chosen to give to us as part of our contractual obligations with you or in response to  information requests.

We hold contact details of our subscribers including their name, email address, contact address and social media aliases displayed on social channels. We also hold names and email addresses of users who have signed up to our newsletters and similar communication services and/or  social media channels

We do not transfer personal information to any third parties, or sell it on or share it with others. Also, we never use information you have shared with us to profile you.

How To Contact Us About Privacy

Below are the contact details of our organisation and our data representative. If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, we invite you to get in touch with us HERE.

Franks Cookie Policy

Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist us in providing the our services to you. Under EU law all websites operating within the EU and UK now require user consent.

Where the installation of cookies is based on consent, such consent can be freely withdrawn at any time.

How to provide or withdraw consent to the installation of Cookies

In addition to what is specified in this document, you can manage preferences for cookies directly from within your own browser and prevent – for example – third parties from installing cookies.

Through browser preferences, it is also possible to delete cookies installed in the past, including the cookies that may have saved the initial consent for the installation of cookies on our website.

You can find information about how to manage cookies in your browser by contacting your service, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer etc.

With regard to cookies installed by third parties, you can manage your preferences and withdrawal of your consent by continuing to use our website service, or, where you do not wish to consent, by ceasing to utilise our website.

Notwithstanding the above, you may follow the instructions provided by the EDAA (EU) or other similar services to find out more about cookies. Such initiatives allow you to select your tracking preferences for most advertising tools. We recommend that you make use of these resources in addition to the information provided in this document.

Since the installation of third-party cookies and other tracking systems through our services cannot be technically controlled by us, any specific references to cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties are to be considered indicative. In order to obtain complete information, you are kindly requested to consult the privacy policy for the respective third-party services listed in this document.

Given the objective complexity surrounding the identification of technologies based on cookies, we encourage you to contact us should you wish to receive any further information on the use of Cookies by our website.

Franks interaction with external social networks & platforms

Our services allow interaction with social networks and analytics platforms directly from the pages of this website.

The interaction and information obtained through our website to connect us with social media are always subject to your own privacy settings for each social network. We don’t have any access you haven’t given us.

Different social media sites collect different traffic data for the pages where the service is installed, even when you do not use it:

Facebook and social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)
The Facebook social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Facebook, Inc.

Cookies and Usage Data – Privacy Policy.

Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (Twitter, Inc.)
The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Twitter social network provided by Twitter, Inc.

Cookies and Usage Data – Privacy Policy.


The services contained in this section enable us to monitor and analyse web traffic and can be used to keep track of user behavior.

We use internal analytics that does not involve third parties as well as Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an analytics service provided by Alphabet Inc. (Google).

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

How To Contact Us About Cookies & Analytics

While we will never use your data except for the purposes of providing you with our services. If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, we welcome you to contact us HERE.

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