When are we ready to move on? Well, the short answer is there is no answer. We just know. February is about Love at Franks. Whether we are remembering past loves, or enjoying current ones, everyone pet parent has a love story. This is how Sandi met Maggie.

Love and Loss

My Dachshund Frank had been by my side for 13 years. He was my companion and counsellor through heartache, health issues, bereavements and failed love. (Or was he a jinx?!) Anyway, my love for him wasn’t strong enough to prevent him getting several age-related conditions one after another until the day he took his final breath in my arms and went to wherever it is that good boys go to.

Devastation followed

Crying and wailing and sobbing. My ex-partner (Frankie’s Dad) came round to help bury him and we planted a tree on his grave and promised to never forget him. The house was so quiet and empty. The past year or so had been a strict routine of pills and special food so I was at a complete loss. I had no little friend to look after or walk or cuddle up with. I couldn’t face going to work and was a mess of snotty ugly crying if anyone visited.

A new love

Then I saw a wee cheeky face peeking out of a photo on the internet. I had always said my next dog would be a rescue, that I’d never ever buy a dog online. Yet here I was in the middle of the night looking at a tiny black face with tan eyebrow spots on a gangly little body of unidentified breed. After Frank’s ailments I had decided I’d get a little scruffy mutt believing strongly in the theory of hybrid vigour. Love a first sight!

A Little Nutcase

I made an appointment to visit “just to see her” but of course I brought her home that night. A wriggly little bundle of fur and teeth. She was a biter! And a nutcase! She’s my first terrier and I wasn’t prepared for how she could jump right onto the dining table without even needing a run up.

Pink Balls & Blue Balls

Maggie has kept me on my toes! She loves balls, the spiky ones you get for £1. Pink or blue. Not squeaky. No other sort of balls. And while she likes to run and fetch them she mainly likes it if you just hold the ball while she chews it and occasionally chews a bit of your finger for a surprise. She loves her big panda teddy, she “loves” him quite vigorously especially if you have friends visiting and she can have an audience for her passion.

Walk Run, Leap, Repeat

My Maggie loves running at top speed down the river bank, up and down hills, round bends and along high walls that make me cringe with fear. She loves other dogs too! She will crouch down and wait for them to approach then leap up – Surprise! It’s me! Maggie Moomoo the little maniac!

She Knows Me

Maggie is smart and knows other things like when I need a cuddle or a face-washing to cheer me up, or a reason to get off my bum and get some fresh air and exercise.

Princess Maggie chilling

Someone I know met Maggie for the first time recently as we were walking through town and exclaimed, “She’s so scruffy and crazy! She’s the perfect dog for you!”. I chose to take it as a compliment.

She’s my little scruffy princess and she has mended my crazy broken heart.

If you’d like to share a story with us email Frank anytime! If you’d like to read more, put your feet up and head over to our blog page.

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