Dogs aren’t interested in music, are they?

Well so I thought until last week when similarly London Calling by the Clash came on the radio and my wee dog Maggie went mad (she loves music apparently). Pricked up her ears, looked around for who was making the woo woo woo woo noises. Above all she Jumped about looking like she didn’t quite know what to do with herself. However don’t think she was actually enjoying it as such but it definitely caused a doggy playlist reaction.

Antiques Roadshow

In addition, I thought back to other times when dogs in my life had reacted to music. My dachshund went mental at the theme tune to Antiques Roadshow.

I don’t know if it was the tune itself or my shrill whistling along with it. Or that he remembered the week before when it was on..

Give Them Those Good Vibrations

So do dogs just associate the music with their human’s reaction to it? There’s been a lot of talk in the press lately about podcasts for dogs. Especially the beneficial effects of you leaving it playing for them when you’re away from home. Therefore I tend to agree with the dog behavioural experts in that, if the dog is used to having background music on while you’re home, then they can be soothed that it is left on when you leave. In other words though it’s not justification for neglect either. If the dog has serious separation anxiety then you may need to employ a professional to help adjust their behaviour.

Gotta Have Soul

After that, I got thinking about songs dogs might react to. I can only come up with a few examples, all of which have actual howls and barks in them, for instance Seamus by Pink Floyd. Seems a bit twee. If I was going to make a dog playlist, I would include songs that mean something to me; Like my first ever dog, Gemma the yellow labrador. I had waited for her my entire 15 years.

Wee Maggie glued to Antique Roadshow

She my angsty teenage heart with love and fun and soft fluffy hair (who knew labradors had such a fuzzy undercoat?).

Hot Dogs lol

If you search for songs with dog in the lyrics or title you’ll come up with thousands, above all though not necessarily about the love of dogs. I came across one by AC/DC that I’m pretty sure is about something entirely different!
At the minute me and Mags are enjoying Solid Gold by Hanni El Khatib and Frank Leone, I tell her she’s the big dawg in the yard that they’re singing about and she believes me. (In addition these lyrics not suitable for dogs under 2 or humans under 18). In conclusion, if you’re feeling curious, check out my Woofers playlist. Better yet, make one and share with us! l

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