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We hope your dog has as much fun with our Snack at Franks box as we’ve had curating & making it.

We set out on this journey, mostly as an exercise to find the most healthy, fun and interesting snacks for Frank himself (or little Milo as he’s better known) but kept getting sidetracked by amazingly funny, sad and informative stories, videos and pictures from all over the internet.

When we got back to looking at snacks and realised we couldn’t find what we knew Frank wanted, we decided it was time to make our own, just for Frank.

Sadly, not long after starting, Frank passed away very suddenly before he got his paws on his special snacks.

When that happened we decided that everything we had done for Frank should be available for all the furry ones.

So, here we are, curating and delivering the funniest and best stories from all over the internet while delivering the most delicious, fun and healthy snacks and surprises right through your letterbox.

We think this is the perfect homage to Frank’s memory, combining his funny, fearless nature with a his seal of quality for curated snacks.

 Aaron (CEO) and Frank (Little Milo)

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At Snack at Franks we are committed to going beyond just dog snacks, we are excited about keeping you up to date with the latest dog tips, events, news and entertainment.

We are pup parents so we know what type of online content is important to each other. By establishing this community we look forward to engaging more with you ahead and focusing on what really matters – our dog’s happiness. 

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Good People Frank Loves

We are proud to show our support for non-profit and charity organisations that work tirelessly to help improve the lives of our pups and pet parents in the UK.

Here are just a few we have supported throughout the year. You can click on them to visit their site and find out more about what they do.

A box of pure love!
Our dog snacks are natural, great tasting & each come with unique health benefits.

We care about your pup’s health & well-being, that’s why every Franks Snack pack is grain free, low in fat and contain no artificial ingredients. Suitable for all dogs, even those with allergies, suffering from diabetes or tackling obesity.

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